AWS Lambda Fonts & libfontconfig

Alberto Cubeddu
5 min readFeb 11, 2021
AWS Lambda Fonts & Libfontconfig

Table of Content
* What are Fonts?
Using Normal / Custom Fonts in AWS Lambda V2
* How to use the fonts in my environment?
What is FontConfig
* Why use libfontconfig?
Compile fontconfig
* Packaging the Library
Installing libfontconfig on your Lambda Linux 2
* Configuring the LD_LIBRARY_PATH


Whenever you use Lambda version 2.0 (Amazon Linux 2 base image), you notice that the underlying environment has been stripped more than the slimmest Alpine version! You need to install everything from scratch, including the fonts!

What are the Fonts?

Fonts are the characters that are contained in words! Character is what humans use for written communication; therefore, font is the way to express character in a "computer world". As the screen is just a canvas, the font is the stamp used to paint on it! In reality, the file (most commonly the .tff) is a collection of pixels containing glyphs, characters, symbols, numerals, and rules used to know how to draw that font on the…



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