Include Katalon Studio in your Jenkins (Linux) pipeline

Alberto Cubeddu
5 min readAug 1, 2018
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After looking everywhere for an excellent test suite and coming across Selenium, UFT, Waitr, TestComplete and few others, finally we have found a fantastic product to run our integration test, a product that I highly recommend to any QA lover that want simplicity but at the same time the possibility to write code and fully customise your testing.

Katalon Studio

It’s a free product; you can download at and is promise is:

A simple and powerful automation solution. A viable alternative to costly commercial automation solutions

Apart from the marketing slogan, I never see a product so easy to use and completely free! It comes with a recorder that will convert the action in the groovy script, easily modifiable afterwards with a user-friendly interface.

Install Katalon and create your first project

The first step is to set up an account at (consider that the username and password will be exposed on your Jenkins box too) and download and install Katalon studio. Open Katalon and create a New Project:

Follow the simple three steps to create your first automation test:

After you are done with these three steps: CONGRATULATIONS, your first automation test is up & running.

For the sake of this lecture, I will omit the creation of the test suit, but you can find all the examples and documentation on the product’s website.

At this stage there is a little gotcha using the chrome driver, they don’t support the WebUI.maximizeWindow(), you should use WebUI.setViewPortSize(Width, Height) when you are editing your script.

Setup Jenkins



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