The Art of Being Yourself — The Cover Letter

Alberto Cubeddu
4 min readMar 19, 2024

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon the dilemma of the cover letter: loved by hiring managers, hated by applicants, and perfectly crafted by recruiters!

The Purpose of a Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter is the formal method of introducing yourself and explaining to the business why they should choose you in the first instance. You should offer insights not present in your CV and market your skills about the job you are applying for. Why are you suitable for the role? Research their values, culture, and recent achievements to understand how your passion aligns with their mission.

From a Hiring Manager Perspective

Posting a job online takes two seconds; Screening, Assessing and Vetting could grow you old! Why do hiring managers love cover letters? Because after receiving 100+ applications, they are tired of checking CVs, they want to connect more to the human side of the applicant and understand directly what she/he can do without reading the 100 skills listed in the CV.

Usually, a CV is generic and is used to apply to every job, a cover letter is more specific, personal and direct to the point.

From an Applicant Perspective



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